Book Promotion Services for Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors

First off let me say, I’m a legit sci-fi geek and I get excited about designing book promotion services for science fiction and fantasy authors. I’ll even date myself by saying that I was in line when the first Star Wars movie came out!

And the world building, in particular, is something I really admire about these genres.

Because while I’ve written fiction books before, I find the world-building science fiction and fantasy authors do is such a particular talent. As well as creating non-human characters, creatures, planets, and even languages.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the science fiction and fantasy authors are some of the most creative around!

And the task of getting it out there and introducing your story in ways that gets a reader’s attention – that’s one of the many things we love to dig into. Fantasy and science fiction are heavily reader driven, so making key connections is at the foundation of all the book promotion services we offer for these genres.

If you have a fantasy or science fiction book, you’re hopefully planning a series – or at least future releases – because genre fans love finding an author they can stick with for a while.

That’s why I highly recommend keeping a steady pace on your publishing schedule.

But I also appreciate that of all of the genres, science fiction and fantasy authors often need much more time to write, mostly because their stories are so complex. If this is your situation, maybe consider releasing a novella in between book releases, something less involved than a full-length book.

Because your superfans will be critical. And we can help you find those readers.

So if you’re ready to take that next step toward serious author success, let’s set up a call.

We’ll discuss how your publication date, your sub-genre, your story arch, your unique point of view, and your long-term plans all play a role in determining the best book marketing promotion opportunities for your author brand.

Writing the book was already hard enough. Don’t take any chances on getting it out into the world.

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