Book Promotion Services for Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Authors

We absolutely adore creating book promotion plans for mystery, thriller and suspense authors – because they create books readers just can’t put down.

And I’m proud to say that we’ve managed the book promotion for dozens of these types of books. Whether it’s a hard-boiled detective read, a cozy mystery, international thriller, domestic suspense or anything in between, we’ve found creative ways to help them all.

The first step in our process is going to be a phone call to uncover your author goals, learn more about the story, what makes it unique and a standout, is it a series or a stand-alone, and a lot more, because mystery, thriller and suspense authors have to cater to really unique demands in the market.

Honestly, it’s kind of an interview – me interviewing you. Because that’s how we work. We customize all the proposals we create because what we recommend depends on a lot of key factors that I want to uncover before we move forward.

Then, I want to check out the book. Because in order to be a good marketing partner we must believe there’s a market for a book and it’s a solid representation of the genre.

We’re selective, and that’s a big part of our longevity in the industry.

So I definitely invite mystery, thriller and suspense authors to put yourselves out there and start making a real name for yourself!

Let’s talk about ways we can collaborate on your book promotion!

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