Book Marketing Services for Romance Authors

I love a good romance and I love working with romance authors. It’s an incredibly popular and potentially lucrative genre to write in, and most book marketing companies jump at the chance to work with romance authors with a strong vision.

And we’ve worked with so many genres of romance it’s hard to know where to start the list, but all genres of romance start with relationships, so that’s always our focus.

We help romance authors create relationships with the readers that matter.

Because we’re keenly aware that romance authors are catering to voracious fans – creating relationships with readers who are most likely to turn into return buyers is always a priority and we will no doubt discuss who these people are on our intro call.

And unlike a lot of book marketing companies who like to sell authors on flashy buzz terms, we base our work on this fact: 95% of books are sold word-of-mouth.

Think about the last book you read – how were you introduced to it?

Book promotion has changed so much in the last several years! It’s really become about going to where the readers are, and building quality relationships, instead of letting readers come to you.

Reader engagement is really what our book marketing services are all about.

So you won’t hear me talking about pitching the major network morning shows, and I definitely won’t be encouraging romance authors to buy display advertising for their books. Why? Because we’ve worked with hundreds of authors who went that route – but end up collaborating with us after the fact because the flashy stuff didn’t do what they’d hope it would do. Really all it did was cost them a lot of money for something with a rapid expiration date.

It didn’t support them long-term.

You need to go to where your readers are. Getting reviews on Amazon, owning and optimizing your presence there. Going after influencers, like Bookstagrammers, reviewers with a cult following, and reader groups on Facebook, are all strategies romance authors need to get behind.

We know how to make those connections, and establish solid building blocks for success. 

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