Custom Amazon Reboot and Refresh


Welcome to the Amazon Reboot & Refresh Program offered exclusively through Author Marketing Experts, Inc.



A lot of companies offer Amazon support – but we do it better.

Did you know Penny is an Amazon Ads Expert?

Yep, Amazon recognizes her ongoing dedication to understanding their systems and platforms and they’ve recruited her to make their programs better for authors.

That’s why you need us in your corner.

Why our work is different and far superior:

  • All manual research, no apps or aggregators
  • Our recommendations are based on how shoppers are currently using Amazon
  • You dramatically improve your chances of being found by the right shoppers
  • You dramatically improve your chances of becoming a category bestseller
  • Your ad budget can decrease without losing momentum

Our exclusive program includes:

  • Custom research to determine 7-10 of your best Amazon search keywords
  • Custom analysis to determine up to 10 of your best Amazon Kindle categories
  • Personalized feedback on your current Amazon ad performance
  • Recommendations for Amazon ad improvements
  • Adding Amazon ad keywords as appropriate
  • Adding Amazon ad negative keywords as appropriate

Parameters for deliverables:

For the keywords and categories we simply need the link to your book on Amazon.

Our Amazon ad assessment will be based on 3 ad sets. If you have more than 3 ad sets on your dashboard we will ask you to create a dedicated folder that contains the ones we should focus on. Instructions will be provided.

We will not be changing any bids on your Amazon ads, but those recommendations will be included in our results if we deem it critical to your success.

Access and timing:

Penny needs to be an admin on your Amazon ad dashboard. Instructions will be provided.

Work is done in the order purchases are confirmed. If you’re buying as part of a limited-time promotion we encourage you to act fast to receive your results sooner.

Our goal is to return your results within 14-21 business days. If we cannot meet that deadline due to increased demand you will be notified within 14 business days.

No cancellations or refunds will be given after purchase.

Credits for other services may be offered if the work cannot be completed due to factors outside of AME’s control.