How to Celebrate National Book Blitz Month and Build Readership

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Author Branding, Monthly Observances & Content Ideas, Social Media for Authors

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National Book Blitz Month has a really cool history that I can absolutely get behind, and I encourage every author to really kick their creative marketing efforts into high gear!

According to the website National Today:

The reason for the creation of the Book Blitz Month was to encourage authors to intensify their efforts towards promoting their books and create an ambiance that makes the reading culture thrive and grow in society. Every January, the holiday aims to recommit our intellectual minds by going to a book signing or launch in your area, meeting or e-mailing an author (that would be a much-needed morale-booster), or buying books from online or retail outlets, and gift them to your kids and neighbors.

So the reason I really adore this observance is because it’s actually designed to support authors, and encourages you to shamelessly promote your books, get involved locally, and connect with genre fans!

As authors we know book marketing and promotion really isn’t supposed to stop, it’s a year-round job even if we’re not always excelling at it, so I say, don’t waste this precious opportunity to ride a wave of support.

Clever Ways to Get Involved

Below are a few ways you can really make the most of National Book Blitz Month, and the best part, these are strategies that will serve you well beyond January!

And I encourage you to share the graphic or send this post to your author colleagues, especially other local authors in your area that you can potentially collaborate with. Don’t know any yet? Your local library can help you with that. See how it’s all connected? It’s a beautiful thing!

Let me know what other ideas you have in the comments!

National Book Blitz Month

Anyone who’s followed our blog or podcast for awhile now knows we’re big fans of using monthly observances and other wacky, fun or thoughtful holidays to inspire your marketing efforts, and National Book Blitz Month is no exception.

Book marketing can be challenging enough, and it just gets harder if you try to reinvent the wheel every month – so do yourself a favor and start tapping into events and celebrations that come with some built in buzz!

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