Updates to Amazon and Goodreads That May Impact You: Book Marketing Podcast Recap

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Amazon Updates & Marketing Tips, Podcast for Authors

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This book marketing podcast recap includes two minisodes that we’ve released about updates that could impact you and how you connect with your readers; links to each episode are included in the Resources and Free Downloads section at the bottom.

While our full-length Book Marketing Tips and Author Success podcast episodes are a deep dive into critical and popular author and publishing-centric topics, our minisodes are equally helpful resources for making small changes that add up to be rewards.

Goodreads Drops Their Event Feature

Goodreads is not just a virtual library, it’s a social networking site, and it’s important they encourage engagement and interaction! We are always encouraging our authors to take advantage of the many free opportunities Goodreads provide. However, this removal of the events feature is leaving some users without valuable resources- and that’s super disappointing!

Check out what this feature change up means and how you can help petition for more networking options with readers.

Amazon’s New Bilingual Author Central Feature

Amazon Author Central has added a feature that allows you to create additional author bios in other supported languages. This is great because it allows authors to connect to a wider range of readers and even international readers. But before you log on and just start adding new elements to your profile, we want you to understand when it makes sense and how you can use it to support your platform.


Comment your thoughts about these changes down below. As always, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out with any feedback, reviews, or ideas for future podcast episodes.

Resources and Free Downloads

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