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by | Oct 6, 2021 | Book Marketing Basics

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It’s finally here – Book to Bestseller: The Savvy Author’s Guide to Book Promotion, Smart Branding, and Longterm Success is up on Amazon for pre-order and that means it’s time to announce all the fantastic promotions we’ve been planning to celebrate!

Honestly, this has been the most exciting release yet, so I encourage you to read through this post twice to ensure you know what’s on the table!

First, the list of prizes:

FREE phone coaching

Get one hour of coaching to discuss your branding and the next steps in your bestseller plan after reading your new favorite marketing and branding book.

FREE 1-year video membership

With 65+ videos and counting, plus brand new ones dedicated solely to the Book to Bestseller approach, you won’t have to worry about not knowing what to do next, or how to get the work done.


“Ask Me About My Book” tote bags

Is there such a thing as too many reusable bags? Of course not! Especially when you also get to brag about your author status. Good for the environment, good for the ego.

“Writer At Work” door hangers

Next time you need a little peace and quiet to get that word count up, or savagely plead for reviews online, we’ll have you covered. Shut the door without guilt, it’s okay.

“Future Bestselling Author” pouches

Start manifesting those goals! We all need a little, or a lot, of motivation from time to time, and it’s just better to get it while also staying organized with all your necessities at your fingertips.

“Ask Me About My Book” decals

Stick it on your laptop, your car window, your water bottle – the list is endless! People love chatting with authors, so we guarantee this will be the perfect little conversation starter.

Second, how to participate:

  1. Pre-order from Book to Bestseller
  2. Forward your receipt from Amazon to [email protected]
  3. Share the link to Book to Bestseller on your social media
  4. Tag me in that post!

Buy, confirm, share and tag: All four steps must be completed before the October 26 release date to be eligible for a prize.

Everyone wins: Anyone who participates and completes all four steps before October 26 automatically wins an “Ask Me About My Book” decal!

And we make it so easy: When you forward your pre-order receipt to [email protected] we’ll even provide you with everything you need for your social post, including a few images to choose from, sample wording you can use or customize, and direct links to all the platforms where you can share.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the pre-order, after October 26.

One person will win every prize listed!

Four people will win everything except the free coaching session.

Five people will win everything except the coaching and 1-year video membership.

And again, everyone will win a decal!

So get over to Amazon, order your copy now, and earn your prize!


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