17 MORE Things Indie Authors can Share on Social Media in 2017

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Book Marketing Basics, Social Media for Authors

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Last week, we shared 17 things indie authors can share on social media in 2017. And, as you can guess, we brainstormed way more than just 17 things you can share to kick off your 2017 book marketing with a bang!

  1. Show Off Your Personality – If you have ever looked at someone’s public social media and thought “How boring!” then take heed. Is it fun to engage with someone who shares droll business updates only? Or is it fun to chime in with someone who clearly lives life? Let that shine through!
  1. Share Something Personal – This ties in with showing off your personality. Now, only get as personal as you’re willing to have the whole world know, but have a fear that you don’t mind sharing? Your feelings about something? Things like these help your readers get to know you!
  1. Break Time! Don’t forget to let fans know how you let off steam – while this doesn’t mean to let everyone know every time you stand up to stretch your legs, but doing something fun? Escaping somehow? Or just having lunch with Jon Hamm, err, while watching an episode of Mad Men? Let your fans into a small portion of your life.
  1. Share Fan Photos – Have your fans sent in photos of them reading your book? Share them! (with your fan’s permission of course!)
  1. Be Supportive of Other Authors – This goes back to sharing your favorite books and delighting in others’ successes. Have an author acquaintance that could use a boost? Share their book, or their page, or their status update! They’ll love it, and possibly reciprocate.
  1. Post Cover Reveals – This can be a really fun way to get people to tune into your page, especially if you’ve got a great Super Fan base. They’ll love to see what you’ve got for your upcoming cover!
  1. Post Sample Chapters (great for a VIP group) – This is a great way to build your Super Fan base, invite social media followers to your VIP group – whether it’s a Facebook group, or an email list, or some other option. Then post your sample chapters, or get their feedback. They’ll love the exclusivity!
  1. Show Scenes or Props from Your Book – We’ve developed a play list, but did you write your book with a special café in mind? Or maybe special furniture? Or even every day items. Snap a photo and share, share away.
  1. Cast Your book! – If your book were to become a movie, who would you cast in each role? Share the cast members’ photos with your fans. It’s a lot of fun, and can really help them picture the characters.
  1. Share Events – Is something cool coming up that you’re interested in? A cooking class, a really amazing talk on your favorite topics, a shopping extravaganza? Share it! Whether virtual or local, if you’re interested in it, your readers may be also!
  1. Share Your Upcoming Events – Don’t forget to plug your own appearances – podcasts, book signings, places where you’re speaking, etc. Let your own excitement for your author promotion events shine and your fans will be cheer you on!
  1. Go Behind-the-Scenes – What is your process really like? How do you research? Give your fans a look at the making of a book – it can be really fun to create posts and articles. And it can be simple.
  1. Offer a Glimpse Into Your Day-to Day – Whether you’re sharing your computer background, the view out your window, even bravely showing what you really look like after a long day of writing (think ink smudges, the works), have fun with it!
  1. Keep Fans Apprised of Your Next Book – This is a big one. If they liked one of your books, and have gone to the step of following you on social media, they probably want to know when your next book is coming out. Tell them! Give them those sample chapters, the cover reveals, the quotes… feed your hungry fans details… one at a time!
  1. Show Off Where You Write – Just like sharing your day-to-day, show off your desk, your favorite pen, your writing studio. Your fans will love seeing where you draw your daily inspiration and where the action happens.
  1. Q&A Sessions – This is a great opportunity to do a live event – even if you choose not to use video. Take over your own social media account and do a live Q&A, a live chat, some way for readers to ask their questions and receive live answers. If doing live audio or video, consider having a pre-fab list of questions that readers “sent in advance” just in case it takes a few minutes for questions to start rolling in!
  2. Host a Photo Contest – Remember sharing reader photos? Hold a photo contest that lets your readers show off a scene they’ve come across that would be perfect for your book, or your characters. This is fun – and you can make a signed copy of your next book a prize… plus, it might inspire a new chapter or even a new book! Other ideas for your photo contests might be a virtual “Flat Stanley” game, or even a “Caption This” where they caption photos you post!

So with all these great ideas, you can start planning your 2017 social media in a big way! And, having some ideas for what you’d like to do will aid in your book promotion efforts. Have more ideas? Please share them in the comments below!


  1. Jan

    Great Blog! I haven’t published a book yet, but I’m working on it and like to read ahead, prepare myself. Many of the tips you offer actually work with a blog as well, so I gained useful information. I need to work on being myself and letting my personality show in my writing. I’m more than just a walking dictionary. 🙂

    • Penny Sansevieri

      Jan thank you so much! I’m really thrilled that you found this helpful. I hope you’ll keep checking back for new articles. Also, if you have any ideas of what you’d like to see/read, let me know! Best of luck to you!

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