Indie Author Gift Guide: 16 Great Gifts for Writers

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Book Marketing Basics

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Since today is Black Friday, we’ve come up with a list of 16 Great Gifts for Writers! Take at the look at the items below and let us know what you think! Already have one or more of these and love it? Tell us what you love about it!

1. Bathtub Caddy and Reading Rack

No more soggy books at bath time. Now you can relax and enjoy reading good book without worrying about it getting wet. This bathtub caddy has just what you need with its removable reading rack.


2. Writer’s Digest

Every issue of Writer’s Digest is devoted to helping writers develop their craft and offering expert advice on how to get published. This magazine is full of pertinent tips on writing queries, writers’ rights, new markets, submission guidelines and competitions. Writer’s Digest also features practical technique articles, and tips and exercises on fiction, nonfiction, poetry and the business-side of writing and publishing.


3. Leo Tolstoy Library Candle

All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.” A Soy Wax candle, paired with Black Plum, Persimmon, & Oakmoss fragrance notes, hand-poured in a 6.5 oz. charcoal glass vessel.


4. T-Shirt: It’s a Good Day to Write

The perfect everyday t-shirt to gift to yourself or to the writer in your life Plus it comes in lots of colors!its-a-good-day-to-write

5. Word Warrior Key Chain

Are you a road warrior or a word warrior? This Word Warrior key chain is made for writers who do battle with words, whether writing, editing, reading, or teaching. Whether you’re trying to compose a jargon-free memo for work or are penning the Great American Novel, this is the key chain for you!

word-warrior-keychain6. MochiThings Pouches and Everything Cases

I absolutely love all of these things, they are so, so handy to carry all of your writer-things, notes, pens, bookmarks and business cards.


7. Bamboo Adjustable Lap Desk

The Songmics bamboo lap desk is finely designed and crafted with a natural finish. It is durable and practical. You can use it as a laptop table, reading desk, breakfast tray and a working desk. It’s convenient for using in bed, on the floor, sofa, recliner car and many other circumstances. This desk is a great choice for those who like eating breakfast… or writing in bed.


8. Airline Gift Cards

Most airlines offer gift cards that authors can use to attend a writer’s conference. In most cases the airfare is too prohibitive for authors and the main reason why they can’t attend events for writers.



9. Superpower Coffee Mug

Enough said! Show off your super power while enjoying the super bean (coffee)!


10. Go Away I’m Writing – Door hanger

This cute wooden door sign is hand decorated using pages from classic literature and strung with biodegradable jute twine.


11. Internet Grammar is Ruining Everything! Coffee Mug

Before the internet, we used vowels, capital letters at the beginnings of sentences, punctuation and spaces between words. Let us teach our children of this rich heritage. The writer in your life will love it!


12. Writer Emergency Pack

When your story gets stuck, Writer Emergency Pack has the tools you need. Fix plot holes. Spice up stock characters. Rethink your themes. Writer Emergency Pack contains 26 illustrated cards, each featuring a different idea for getting unstuck. They’re specifically tailored to people writing fiction, from novels to scripts, poems to plays.


13. Pocket Notebooks

Every writer needs a place to jot down their ideas, and these gold foil notebooks allow them to do it in style!


14. Evernote

Remember everything! Inspiration strikes anywhere. Evernote lets you capture, nurture, and share your ideas across any device.


15. Novel Writers Ready, Set, Novel Workbook!

Put your pen to paper and achieve your dream of authorship with this novel-writing handbook to support each stage of your efforts! Designed by Chronicle Books to complement National Novel Writing Month, which inspires imagination and dedication each November, this paperback journal offers creative prompts that lead you through the journey of planning, producing, and polishing your own literary work.


16. Literary Scented Candles

Each of these soy candles is crafted with a book in mind. From The Rabbit Hole (sandalwood and ginger apple), inspired by Alice in Wonderland, to The Raven (smoky lily and velvet), inspired by Poe’s Nevermore, your writer friends will love them.


So Happy Black Friday! Let’s start shopping!



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