Olympic Giveaways! Become a Champion Author during the Rio Games

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Book Marketing Basics

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As we all tune in to support Team USA at the Rio Olympics August 5 – 21, AME is excited to get into the medal hunt, too! For every medal Team USA earns in Gymnastics, Swimming, and Track and Field, we’ll be giving away prizes! So you can help us fan the flames of the Olympic torch and the Olympic spirit by registering to win as a champion author!

It’s simple, all you need to do to win is register here!

Tell me more about becoming a Champion Author!

Enter the contest here.

The Champion Author games follow the Olympic schedule – August 5 – 21.

Watch us tally the medal counts on Facebook and Twitter. (Although you don’t have to follow the pages to win, we love when authors join in the fun and interact with us on social media!)

Champion author prizes will be awarded after the conclusion of the U.S. Olympic Games!

So, what are the prizes?

GOLD Medal Prize: A $99 Amazon Optimization! ($399 value!)

SILVER Medal Prize: A $99 website or social media evaluation! ($250 value)

BRONZE Medal Prize: A free Red Hot Internet Publicity ebook. ($2.99 value)

So, let’s get into the Olympic spirit and cheer on our favorite athletes together! When Team USA wins, authors win too!

Wondering just exactly what you’ll get when you redeem each prize?

*Amazon Optimization: Amazon is a beast and the options are nearly endless when it comes to defining the right keywords, categories and themes for your book. This is imperative for ensuring you appear on more search results and rank as high as you can in your genre. But what makes our work different is that we don’t do it the way Amazon instructs you to do it – the way other companies and publishers do it – we do it in a way that really addresses how Amazon works. Because we don’t follow instructions, we deliver solutions. You’ll also learn from the work we do so you can apply our strategies to your future titles!

**Website or Social Media Evaluation: We’ll evaluate your social media presence or website for key features/strategies that we know work to get more engagement and convince people to buy your book! Our feedback will be provided as a concise checklist of things you can do to improve.


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