50 Things Under 50 Bucks To Promote Your Book: Part 2

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Book Marketing Basics

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“50 Things Under 50 Bucks” is the perfect “how-to book promotion” list for executing a solid promotion strategy on a limited marketing budget. In case you missed it, we shared the first 25 book promotion ideas under 50 bucks here.

Just because your budget is compact, your promotion plan doesn’t need to be. Here are 25 more free things that you can do to rock your book promotion.

26. Visuals are so important these days, so how about getting an account on Vine or Instagram and doing short videos and pictures about your book or topic? Visuals are a great way to sell a book!

27. Write a review for someone else’s book that’s similar to yours. Not sure how this relates to your promotion? Well it’s called networking and it’s just a great idea to always do outreach.

28. Start an Ask the Author on Goodreads. Here’s how, from the blog.

29. Run a promotion on social media. Ask your followers to share your Facebook page, or to suggest you in a #followfriday – you can offer a prize to a random winner.

30. Subscribe to Talkwalker.com or Mention.com and make sure that you are getting alerts under your name as well as your book title(s), brand, and keywords.

31. Pitch yourself to your local television stations.

32. Pitch yourself to your local print media.

33. Create a Speaker One-sheet, you’ll need this when you start booking interviews with the media or speaking gigs. Check this out for more info on them.

34. Is the topic of your book in the news? In a world that’s increasingly connected with 24/7 news outlets, there is a never-ending source of news materials. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to share your expertise (and promote your book!). For keeping up-to- date on topics in your industry, scan Twitter hashtags for your topic, and check out these content curation tools: https://amarketingexpert.com/marketing-tools-favorite-content-curation-sites/

35. Stop by your local library. They love local authors. If you have a children’s book, see if you can come in during storytime, or for a special event during their summer reading program. For adults, reach out to their book club coordinators, or arrange a speaking event for their patrons. Try dropping off a copy to your main library; if they stock it chances are the other branches will too.

36. Go to Chase’s Calendar of Events and find out how to create your own holiday! The media loves a holiday tie-in so consider this as you pitching yourself. For example: Got a fun tie-in to National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (yes, that’s real)?

37. Going on vacation? Use your away-from-home time to schedule a book event or two wherever you are traveling to.

38. If your book is appropriate, go to local schools to see if you can do a reading.

39. Got a book that could be sold in bulk? Start with your local companies first and see if they’re interested in buying some promotional copies to give away at company events.

40. Don’t forget to add reviews and blurbs to your own website.

41. Trying to meet the press? Google “Press Clubs” in your area. They meet once a month and are a great place to meet the media.

42. Want a celebrity endorsement? Find celebs in your market with an interest in your topic and then go for it. Remember that the worst they can say is no. Check out the Actors Guild for a list of celeb representatives. Here are tips on how to pitch influencers and get a great blurb for your site.

43. Ready to get some magazine exposure? Why not pitch some regional and national magazines with your topic or submit a freelance article for reprint consideration?

44. Work on your next book or work on writing mini-books. Sometimes the best way to sell your first book is by promoting your second. Also, many authors are writing and promoting mini-books to keep readers engaged while they wait for their next book to come out. How long do mini-books need to be? 50-75 pages. That’s it!

45. There’s a great “Meet our Authors” forum on Amazon. You can view a variety of different discussions going on there including a place to promote your free eBook giveaway. You can find it here.

46. Grab more international sales. How? By optimizing your international Author Central pages. Not sure where to begin? Check out our blog on this topic

47. Have you pitched your book to book awards yet? There are a lot of great ones to consider. We have a blog post on this very topic, check it out.

48. Why not consider pitching yourself to Meetups? Head on over to Meetup.com to find some great groups that just might love to have you attend and speak to their members!

49. If the book club idea or event idea is something you want to do, but the cost of traveling (and the time off required) is a deterrent, then why not consider doing Skype sessions? You can go just about anywhere and do these. I’ve known some authors who live in Cleveland and do book group meetings in Auckland, Germany and other international destinations! And the Skype sessions don’t need to be all international; they can also be in the U.S.!

50. Submit to gift guides! We have a few on our blog here, but you can also find them by Googling “blogger gift guides” and see what pops up. Gift guides aren’t just big during the Christmas season but bloggers often have back-to-school gift guides, Easter/Spring gift guides, summer reading guides, etc. If you get your book listed, it could be a great way to get in front of a lot of new readers!


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