Common Mistakes Authors Make and How to Avoid Them: Tip #7

by | Jan 12, 2016 | Book Marketing Basics

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In publishing and book marketing today, it seems like there are a million things that an author can/should do to ensure success. There’s always the latest website, social media platform, or book marketing tactic just waiting to be implemented, with the promise to success just around the corner.

Compared to when I was first in business almost 16 years ago, the resources and free promotional tools that are out there now are overwhelming, and I know it can seem daunting as you being your book marketing journey. I want to focus on sharing the most common marketing missteps I’ve come across in my 16 years in business, so you can avoid making these mistakes in your marketing.

Avoid these common book marketing mistakes 7Becoming a Media Diva

Be grateful! At any phase in your book marketing career, it’s likely that you need the media more than they need you. That means if you book an interview, you should thank them, and send a follow up thank-you note after the interview. Also, keep in mind, they’re busy. Most media people don’t have the time to read your book, so don’t get upset if you need to correct them. I’ve found it’s useful to carry an index card with book highlights on it and hand it to them prior to the interview. Never, ever ask for an interview to be redone. I mention this, because it actually happened to a producer friend of mine who did an interview with a guy, and he decided he didn’t like it and wanted a second shot. Not gonna happen. When interacting with the media, the best thing you can do is create relationships. Put your best foot forward: show up on time, prepared, and always, always, always be grateful.

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